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24-Hour Service, Residential and Commercial

Our trained service technicians respond to most service requests the same or the following business day. Premium service is available for same-day rush and after-hour emergency requests.

Residential springs are rated for 10,000 cycles of operation. The cycle life is a rating, not a guarantee. Factors such as temperature change and extra weight added to the door also affects the life cycle of a spring. If your door has (2) springs and (1) breaks, we usually recommend that you replace both because the other spring is probably at the end of its cycle. For very high-use doors it is possible to order springs with a higher cycle rating. We STRONGLY suggest against replacing your own springs, cables or bottom brackets. All of these items are under extreme tension and can cause serious injury or death.

Individual door sections can be replaced if damaged. We work with many of the major manufacturers such as: CHI, Wayne Dalton, Clopay, Ideal, Amarr, Plycraft and miscellaneous wood suppliers. Let us know if you would like to get a quote.

Often people think that they need a new door opener when in fact they really just need the door tuned up. A simple test is to pull the disconnect cord on the door opener and then operate the door manually. If the door rolls easily without getting hung up, then chances are your problem resides in the opener.

Below are a few short videos we created to assist you with the following opener problems:

  • How to program a remote control (videos coming soon)
  • How to program a keyless entry (videos coming soon)
  • How to troubleshoot an opener when the door won’t close (videos coming soon)

If you would like additional information or want to schedule a service call – please contact us.

We carry a huge selection of replacement parts and accessories for both Residential garage doors and Commercial garage doors and openers. Such as:

  • Springs – Cables – Rollers – Hinges
  • Door sections – Track
  • Bottom door seal – Perimeter Weatherstrip
  • Radio controls – Circuit Boards – Safety Beams

Do it yourselves are welcome or contact us to schedule a service call.

It is recommended that your garage doors and openers be maintained annually to ensure safe and proper operation. Our P.M. Program includes:

  • Safety inspection of the door opener reversing mechanism
  • Tightening of loose nuts, bolts and screws
  • Check cables for fraying
  • Adjust spring tension
  • Adjust tension of chain / belt on electric opener
  • Set limit switches on electric opener
  • Lube all rollers, bearings and springs
  • Inspect perimeter weatherstrip for rips or tears
  • Visually inspect (wood doors) for re-finishing

NFPA 80 and Model Codes require the annual testing of rolling and sliding fire doors to demonstrate proper operation and full closure. A written record must be maintained and made available to the authority having jurisdiction. Our Fire Door Drop Test includes:

  • Inspection and testing of your fire doors for NFPA compliance with trained technicians.
  • A written report of the test for your records along with recommendations for repairs if necessary.
  • Tagging of the door with a drop test sticker indicating the date of the last time a test was performed and by whom.
  • Records of all drop tests performed are kept on file at our office to comply with NFPA requirements.
  • An annual notice is mailed out to remind you of NFPA 80 drop test requirements.

For additional information or to schedule your Fire Door Drop Test – contact us.

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